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Born in 1967, with a natural God given talent, Gerhard van Vuuren is an Artist living and working in Pretoria. He has been a full time artist since 2002, self taught, and has been orchestrating his own exhibitions since then, selling his work mostly through “word of mouth” as well as various marketing opportunities throughout SA.

Gerhard’s work encapsulates humanity and the trajectory of his work shows the fascination with the everyday. Subsequent works have used ordinary everyday objects together with the human form and portraits to engage the viewer with his work. One of his most recent collections of works plays with idioms and phrases, drawing the viewer into the painting and the message that is being portrayed.

His new body of work will extend Gerhard’s preoccupation with the ordinary and the human form and will continue to explore his position in the various persona and roles that he as a South African can play in the world of Art.