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van amerom coetzee

I enjoy exploring the various facets of being human and the inter-connectedness between the present and the past.

I use the body as platform for the known and the obvious, but also for the unknown and the not at all obvious – the emotional and the spiritual.


My art has always been a reflection of my current reality, an extension of my observations and my experiences. I like to work with whatever medium speaks to me in that time and space. I strive to explore and understand my subject matter as well as my chosen media and I appreciate the accidental element of surprise in every work.


Although my background is psychology, I do not necessarily want to portray anything specific in my work. I leave it to the viewer to see and understand the work from their own perspective. The dualities of life, the good and the ‘seemingly bad’ all contribute to the final whole. It is a process of unraveling, which can take a lifetime.