My interest in still life as a genre has prompted a series of works in which I explore, in addition to illustrative concerns, the relationship between the value and function as well as the aesthetic qualities of objects. Each of these works focused on a single object that is of personal value to me. To this end, I referenced the work of 16th Century artist, Juan Sanchez Cotán, who often denied context to the humble, everyday objects within his compositions by omitting a fully depicted background. In doing this, he managed to focus the attention of the viewer on the aesthetic quality of each object, thereby allowing the object to transcend its function. In extending my exploration of the genre, I investigated the Trompe-l’oeil paintings of 17th Century artist Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts as well as contemporary Surrealist artist, Agostino Arrivabene. In my latest works I maintain a focus on the transcendence of function by incorporating aspects of the vanitas style in my selection and composition of objects. In addition, I explore the literal meaning of the word ‘still’: with similes such as quiet, calm, motionless and subdued in mind, the act of painting becomes a process of personal reflection and contemplation.