All designs can be printed on the following medium in different sizes. Prints on Felix Schoeller Sizes: 22x24cm, 32x34cm, 42x44cm Prints on Canvas Sizes: 40x40cm, 40x60cm Velvet Pillows Sizes: 50x50cm Jennifer Graham is a South African artist, based in Johannesburg. Her fine art photography and digital composite work focuses on and incorporates elements from the local landscape and indigenous birdlife, flora and fauna.  Reminiscent of folklore and fairytales, her whimsical anthropomorphic creations feature hybrid creatures - part human and part animal, usually Impala or Kudu - imbued with an otherworldly feel, which is distinctive of her work. Digitally layering her images with warm tones, textures and patterns, she further blurs the lines between photography and painting, and between reality and fantasy.