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When I entered the exciting world of art, I wanted to present the viewer with an uplifting and beautiful experience. Because I respect the viewer I put a lot of effort into each painting and hopefully they will find the same joy that I also receive when I look at other art work.


I started with watercolors under the expert tuition of Katherine van Schalkwyk and later changed and found myself at home with the dynamic vibrancy of oils. Throughout my painting career I was privileged to attend numerous art demonstrations and painting courses which have all contributed to my art.

Everyday life around me is an enormous resource and I especially love to portray people, still life’s and wild life . In my paintings it is the illumination, texture and color variations of an object that capture my attention and that I want to explore.


The translucency of light and how it affects anything it touches, whether it is spectacular, sparkling or subtle, it inspires me. This is especially relevant since I believe my art is a gift from GOD, the Creator of Light.