I took a chance. I dreamed of pursuing a life that would keep inspiring me as I live it. I started my tertiary studies in 2013 and painted during vacations. My fascination and awe for the world that opened up at the end of my paintbrush grew more overwhelming every time I felt the canvas and smelled the paint. It was lovely. It was not long before I was resolved to end my studies and go on an adventure. The decision and its implications have already scared and challenged me, but it has also given me hope. There’s nothing like not just letting your dreams be dreams. And so it began. I prefer to paint people because people are simply captivating to me. All of those that I paint, have stories and live moments that I would love to tell. Our country is bursting with beautiful faces and places, and I can’t imagine a career more exciting than being the memory keeper of these. With abandon I’ll follow the whisper of a heart that hopes to lead a life that would be recognizable as one spent on love