Richard Zeiler is a new, exciting contender on the South African sculpture scene, who believes art should express historic and present-day human events. South Africa has a rich, diverse history, and he regards it a privilege to capture some of this heritage in an art form that is both modern and classic, specializing in bronze coffee table statuettes. After a long spell of doing art creations in various media –from pencil sketches, painting in water colours, acrylics and oils to doing art creations in wood and metal – he found his real passion: Sculpturing. Realising he had a natural gift and drive to do sculptures in modelling clay, he started sculpturing the human form. His bronzes portray typical human activities with poise and character, leaving the thought that actions have been caught and cast in the moment. Beautifully crafted bronzes depict typical life-scenes or historical events that leave a legacy of bronze art works for the beholder to gaze upon and enjoy for generations to come.