Sarah Richards was born in Durban; her childhood was spent in various places around Southern Africa. She returned to Durban to study Fine Art, majoring in sculpture at Durban Technikon. During the next four years she traveled overseas to gain experience and insight before returning to Durban to make art and to teach art. Sarah has been creating bronze sculptures for the past 25 years. Her passion lies in rendering sculpture which shows an attention to detail, and which give an impression of movement and animation. Sarah explores many different subjects; this comes from her fascination with the details and construction of the world. Inspired by pubic sculpture and monuments around the world Sarah enjoys the challenge of creating world class sculpture for the public commissions she has received. Her smaller figure sculptures include children at play, small figures and nudes. The important process of creating each sculpture, and in particular, the early stages of modelling, are an exciting time of discovery. Sarah uses a mixture of media including wax and plasticine which allow fluidity and detail, rough Rhinolite for texture and structure. These allow an adventurous exploration into a deeper understanding of the chosen subject. In this creative process an intimate relationship develops between subject and artist. The animal and bird sculptures explore Sarah’s love of nature and wonder at the different characteristics of each creature, waiting to be discovered through close encounters and study. The figure sculptures represent an emotional journey in exploring the human form and movement.