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Why should I buy artwork at a Gallery?

Why should I buy at a gallery?

I remembered it like yesterday, the first time I have purchased a painting as a young lady. I felt like an adult with riches to buy that ONE, that ONE that spoke to me.

The process of that painting being taken of the wall, being wrapped and when it didn’t even want to fit in my 1982 Golf’s boot!

Years later, I still enjoy seeing the sparkles in client’s eyes when they fall in love with a particular piece.

I strongly believe that a gallery just gives you that extra experience in purchasing art…whether positive or negative.

The choice that you have with 50, 80, 100 pieces that hangs on the wall…gives you the comfort of, you have chosen the best. With the right lighting, standard in any gallery gives you the potential to see the artwork in full effect.

In these times you hear about scams online and it also makes you more anxious to buy artwork (it could have never existed. Nothing can go wrong when you walk out of the gallery with the purchased artwork under your arms.

The curator isn’t an artist and won’t take any offence if the artwork isn’t the client’s taste. Then it is also the art dealer’s responsibility to enlighten the client with all relevant information to ensure they made the correct choice!