''As a child growing up on a farm, the deep-rooted beauty of nature and farm life will forever play a strong role in my creative process. The vast landscapes of our country and the changing seasons influence the colour of my work. I love the rich buttery textures of oil paint, but also love to explore other mediums. My studies steered me into the corporate environment which in turn led me to opening my own framing business for me to spend more time with my family. The works of other artists came through my workshop and triggered the urge to explore my artistic self. After attending various workshops and art courses I started developing my own style and continue discovering new techniques and mediums. I am passionate about animals, landscapes and still life amongst others. There is so much to explore that I often find myself wanting more time to pursue the endless creative possibilities in my head. My home is in Pretoria with my family who will forever be witness to my relentless artistic pursuit! Doing what I love, close to the people I love. ''