Deon Theron was born in 1966 in Pretoria (South Africa) where he grew up and later obtained both his B.Mus. and Honours degrees in Performing Arts at the University of Pretoria. His greatest passion in life is directed towards creating magnificent paintings. From a very early age he was aware of his natural desire to draw and paint and his talents as artist were nourished and developed since childhood. He strives to give new dimensions to the different media that he employs during his creative endeavours. He achieves this with a variety of techniques and a strikingly good use of colour. His style can be described as a mix of realism and impressionism. This delicate balance is exalted in his vibrant works of art. He is able to bring out with his paintbrush the brightness of his subject, while still maintaining a soft feel to the art work, thereby creating a unique atmosphere in each and every painting that he gives birth to.   Deon truly believes in letting his art grow with him and it seems his brush, canvas and paint are the vessels trough which he can express his identity as a person.