Frans Cronjé started doing art in 2005 as a constructive hobby to give expression to his creative nature. Drawing on his years of experience working as a fashion designer, he was inspired to paint figures and portraits in detailed costume and intricate fabrics. His artwork reflects not just the basic disciplines of working with watercolour, pencils, acrylics and oil paint, he also shows the viewer what kind of out of the box artist he is and likes to do things in a not so traditional way. In 2010 he started experimenting with the mixing together of different mediums to create portraits unlike anything you have ever seen before. His philosophy became: “I don’t love any specific medium more than another; I just happen to love whatever medium loves me on any given day.” Not only is he a refined artist, but also a charming writer. Except for his unique and refreshingly different portraits, he also writes short stories about each and every character. He does this by staring at the finished art work for a few minutes, whilst asking the questions; “Who are you, what is your name, what is your story, what makes you tick, who do you remind me of, what feelings do you awaken in me, what poem should be written about you?” Then he simply allows his fingers to go to work on the laptop keyboard, by following the initial impulse that the character has triggered in him. These stories are sold alongside your favourite Frans Cronjé painting.