Liesel’s love of nature and the flowers of the Western Transvaal where she grew up, is clearly depicted in her work. Soft oils on canvas, rich in shades and textures, give life to her paintings and a touch of pastel here or a soft line there, make her work so feminine it makes one feel like sighing with tenderness. Liesel already had 13 successful solo exhibitions.   Liesel believed that colour played a very important role in the creation of a work of art since it determined the mood of the viewer’s emotion. “She had always been influenced by the old masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and all the classical artists and she especially liked the combination of darkness and light, shadow and sunlight. Strong lines and heavy composition also influenced her as well as classic still lives”, said Liesel about her work. She was fond of playing with negative space and the underlying tension between objects, and this created a serene and flowing piece that calms the senses.