She was born on a farm cradled by mountains in the Aliwal North district of the Eastern Cape. Her father Kobus Kotze is a well-known landscape artist. The hours she spent painting with him in his art studio opened her mind to art. Her mother Joe Kotze only started painting later in her life. She coloured her life with stories and made her aware of all the beauty around me. Hanlie Kotze, her sister is a well-established artist and her brother Floris Kotze and his wife are the owners of the respected Kotze Art gallery in Bloemfontein. She received her art diploma from the Free State Technicon in 1990, majoring in sculpturing. After her studies, she was always in some or other way engaged with art. she has been balancing the act of being an artist and a mom of three beautiful daughters. She has been a full-time artist since 2002, however, it is only in recent years that she struck out in a fresh direction; moving beyond her usual boundaries. Stories and elements of inspiration accumulated in her over the years. These stories are impatiently waiting to be conveyed into art pieces; bit by bit, as they emerge into narratives covering canvases and even spilling over onto and into other functional objects. A few symbols featuring in her art: Sparrows: It features in the logo and is a symbol of loyalty. It is small yet powerful and humble. Birds, Wings and Feathers are symbolic of freedom, hope, communication, new beginnings and a reminder to pay attention. Fish: Creativity, knowledge, transformation. Circles: Unity, completion, wholeness, timelessness.