He started doing pencil sketches and water colour paintings while still at high school, for display at school and also for his own artistic enjoyment. However, after matric, due to work and family commitments, he could not continue with his passion for art work, until much later in life, when he started doing art once again, in various media forms; acrylics, oils, wood creations and also metal art. He kept his passion for art close to heart, feeling that, art is a visual arrangement of different forms and colours mastered together in the media with which the artist can best express his or her own creativity. He soon discovered he had a natural tendency and passion for doing sculpture work, and with a little guidance from an art teacher, the intricacies of sculpture creations came to the fore instinctively, at the right time in of his life, for this he is grateful. These bronze pieces are detailed, perfectly formed and mounted on a wooden or stone base. “I have no particular direction I want to take regarding the subject matter for my work. I find this gives me the freedom to create what circumstances dictate to guide my creative fancy, and this liberty is part of my free spirit approach to life.”